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In this lesson, I will show you an easy exercise to practice that will make sure your frethand is in the proper position for playing scales and bar chords.

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As I mention in the video lesson, there are many playing instances when this “perfect” hand position is not suitable. For things like open chords, bends and vibrato, I more angled hand position is preferable and more natural to your hands.

But, for a majority of chord and scale playing, having the your palm parallel to the bottom of the fretboard with the proper amount of spacing, along with arched fingers that come down straight onto the string will be the most economical way to play. Economical meaning that it requires the least amount of finger pressure as possible along with being the most mobile.

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One of the greatest classical guitar players of all-time, the great David Russell, uses this practice technique to maintain optimal hand positioning in his playing. If fact, I learned this from attending one of his masterclasses. 🙂

There are many different hand types, so it is difficult to nail down an exact way to tell someone to position their fingers. The great thing about the exercises I demonstrate in this video lesson is that it is impossible to do unless you place your hand in the best position for YOUR HANDS.

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One Trick for Perfect Hand Positioning
One Trick for Perfect Hand Positioning

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  1. Interesting, I’ve been playing a long time (that doesn’t make me a great player, I started too late in life) and still have issues dropping my fret fingers down too low, hitting just below the string I need, so I look for ways to improve my finger placement precision and who shows up? Carl Brown, of course. I’ll definitely try this, and I’m starting to think I should take some of his online courses. This dude is the BEST guitar teacher on YouTube. His song lessons are the best, bar none. I’ve been sub’d to him for years and years.

  2. Excellent job doing this lesson.
    Sad part about this, is that so many won't realize or understand that this is probably the most important lesson any beginner, or those that have had bad mechanics for years, could ever learn. Want to have pinky strength that breaks a fretboard? Do this. Want to shred 200bpm 16th notes? Do this. Want to clear any discomfort/pain or fatigue in your hands? Do this.

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  4. what to do about a pinky that completely points inward, not as difficult to keep 'spider form' with fingers at the higher strings, high E, B etc, but by the time im up at the 6th string it's completely sideways and pointing inward, i'm just imagining i'll get strength and used to it. i'm one year in, so new at guitar, just started learning scales. thanks in advance

  5. Don't know if you will see this but I saw another video beginner fingertip soreness and it showed a tip of bringing the elbow in toward the body and I noticed how close yours was. I think that might be worth mentioning to your students. Of course that would be different for every one but…..

  6. Do you any suggestion on placement of thumb that bends backward almost 90 degree? aka Hitchhiker's thumb. Should I let it do that or should I try to keep it straight? I'm playing for 1 year.

  7. My finger won’t reach the first string doing that. It’s too short. I have to move my entire hand to be able to reach the 1st string with the pinky. Actually the first 2 strings.


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