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AMBIGUOUS GERMAN WORDS IN RAMMSTEIN SONGS 🔥 Lyrics explained | Bạn có thể tìm thấy nhiều bài hát hay tại đây.


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You love learning German? You love Rammstein? Why not combine both. I’m VlogDave, a native German speaker teaching and talking about the German ….

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  1. When talking about übernehmen/übergeben, you missed the other meaning of übergeben, to surrender.
    Historically speaking, and within the context of the Deutschland video, it was the conclusion of überfallen with a meaning of assault or invasion, taking over countries and territories (übernehmen), overextending, then being forced to surrender (übergeben )and giving them up, which happened at the conclusion of both world wars.
    I think he’s playing with überfallen as well in the multiple usage of über prefixed words and the base word fallen, in other words arrogance and aggression leading to an inevitable fall.

  2. Rammstein are masters of making quality content: their live shows are spectacular, the music is strong and the lyrics have such an interesting meaning…
    Also your explanation vids are awesome!

  3. Your page is so wonderful, I really appreciate all your videos explaining things I would never get to learn about in my German studies. Danke schön!!!

  4. I enjoy your watching your videos Dave but just one thing, you are using the Stars and Stripes to represent English but English is a language spoken and originating In England/British Isles, if it originated in America it would be called American, we Brits think that the Americans bastardise our language somewhat so it is rather annoying seeing the American flag.

  5. Thank you so much for these videos. As a Rammstein fan for over 20 years, a former resident of Germany (was too young to be politically aware) you really help me love Rammstein even more through such a deep look arty their lyrics.

  6. As a dutchman i hated German in middle school (12-16years). my teacher found out that i listenend Rammstein, learned german from their sonsteks as i needed to translate them. what i was willing to do. Passed it XD. great teacher!

  7. I don't know how relevant this meaning is in German, but in English "to dance" can also in some contexts refer other interactions between two entities. Political interactions could be referred to as a kind of "dance".
    Maybe it means that those who might not want to interact with America, inevitably will have to anyway.

    Your interpretation also makes a lot of sense though.

  8. Please keep making these videos. I love all the videos you do but a mixture of music and the German language is my ideal video thank you 😀

  9. Man I'm a nerd for linguistics and you got me subscribing, activating the notification button AND watching a couple more of these videos. You're awesome. Keep it going 🙂

  10. Hey can you please do a video on "wollt ihr das bett in flammen sehen?" Please? That would be great. Thank you for these videos as well.

  11. Happy to have found your site. Trying to pick back up on high school German. Spent some time in Nurnberg and loved it, especially the beer.

  12. Great video! Please do this again to all rammstein songs we love them too and really want to understand their songs ❤️
    Great Channel keep it up!

  13. So that's the title of a video that makes me to click on it right away 😀 Writing this even before watching it, looking forward to the Till's double meanings and I hope that it won't be just about the most famous one: hast/hasst. I believe there's more! 😀

  14. Very interesting video. Hope to see more on this theme. Much better than the usual "false friends" type videos, really high quality and thought provoking. Danke!

  15. Good video, I am currently learning a new language and have a language partner who is learning german ( i am learning russian) least meeting we used the Deutschland lyrics to translate and discuss. It‘s challenging with all the historical references and ambiguities. But very interesting at the same time.

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